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of this network. we appreciate it, margaret. we are standing by for a joint news conference with president obama and the canadian prime minister and we will bring that to you when it starts and we believe egypt will be a topic of discussion. and the obama administration has been talking about a transition of power and we got alerts last night saying that the united states is working on a transition of power, something about bringing in the vice president and making it an orderly affair, but, can that be done? what remains to be seen? we will get the behind the scenes look from the former u.s. ambassador to egypt on a very busy friday afternoon as "studio busy friday afternoon as "studio b" continues here in 90 secondst the new motorola bravo. no, not its brilliant touch screen or android operating system. ok go ahead. it's just $49.99. only from at&t. rethink possible. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose eve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smarmove. ♪ >>shepard: president obama met earlier today with t
decades in leadership. we are waiting for president obama to speak live at the white house. we are told this is just moments away and we will bring it to you like. in egypt we are now in unchartered territory. and tahrir square is the epi center of the revolt, and now the celebrations celebrations hg on through the day, many hours on through the day, many hours and it began when hosni mubarak vice president announced the high lynn were -- highly unpopular leader has gone away. >> in these difficult circumstances president hosni mubarak decided to resign from president of the republic and handed over the responsibility of governing the country to the high council of the armed forces my god help us and guide us all. >> the crowd took a moment to absorb that momentous news. and then -- imagine! governments around the globe scrambling to decide what it will mean and what the future of the middle east will soon look like but the military is now in charge. we will have more. at any moment now president obama will speak, live, on this situation from the white house. following that we will hear
. president obama called his parents saying their son served the united states admirably. he and a second unidentified agent were traveling in an s.u.v. between mexico city and the coast when gunfire happened. i.c.e. officials say the gunmen killed the agent and shot the second agent twice, in the leg. officials report that the second agent is now back in the united states in "stable," condition. the drug war has claims thousands of likes but attacks on americans in mexico are rare. and now the news like from the south florida newsroom. what do we know of the details of the attack? >> the two i.c.e. agents were traveling from mexico city to northern industrial town on a main four lane highway and on duty. the attack came about 100 miles north of mexico city at 3:00 p.m. local time. the agents came to a roadblock that could have been a phony roadblock set up by a drug cartel. they use this technique in that area to steal cars from people or to keep other gangs out of their territory. instead, the vehicle which had diplomatic plates, lowered the windows and the agents identified themselves
at the history of how the deals get done. typically it is not because there is an obama plan out there. it is because democrats and test republicans are not proposed to do this. there are fewer tax breaks for oil and gas federals and education and transportation, and the things that the president says and it is clearly obvious are necessary to win the future. and now, carl has the latest response from republicans and then mike at the white house. the budget is taking hits from all side and saying in the media, you are just impatient. what else did he say? you asked him about the job creation aspect. >> thank you is right and he says there is plenty for job creation but a lot of the job creation businesses say the tax hikes have them concerned making energy more expensive and replenishing the state unemployment funds so i asked the president about job creation and essentially he say things are negotiable. take a listen. >> there will be significant disagreements about what people think is important and that is how democracy should work and ... at the margins, i think i'll have to compro
that president obama has asked mubarak to not run in the election later this year, a move withdrawing support to one of the biggest allies in the world, no word on when mubarak will give a speech and he will step down at the presidential election itself in september and he will not run again. but, he will, reportedly, stay in office until then to try to meet the protesters' demands. fox cannot independently verify that information but in the meantime, the protests rage on. that is cairo's main square today, the center of the uprising. and, by the way, the name of the square in arabic means "liberation." 100 people have died sin the demonstrations began with thousands more reported injured. so far, no reports of wide-spread violence today. and now, from cairo. dominic? >>reporter: well, we expect to hear imminently from the president himself which is what the people told us a short while ago. we do not know if it will be an address on tv or whether it could be a statement but we do believe that he is going to say that not only will he enact reforms the next few months he will not stand in the
justin beiber. i'm a believer. how about you? and now greg? >>greg: box number one, president obama promising to close the guantanamo bay prison. it is possible? a top military official weighing in. box two, she is at the center of a sex scandal involving a major world leader. and now ruby the heart stealer is going to tell her story about the bunga-bunga sex parties for a price. box three, a website dedicated to posting "funny pictures of people shopping at wal-mart." not everybody is laughing. we will take this one to our legal panel all straight ahead unless breaking news changes everything. "studio b" now but first a historic vote on a budget deal is in jeopardy in the state of wisconsin after the state's democratic lawmakers did not bother to show up to work. the cuts in the bill sparking a massive protest at the state capital. >> well, tens of thousands of teachers and other government workers remain somewhatting -- swarming the statehouse as they prepare to pass the most aggressive anti-union proposal in the nation. and the effects are felt state-wide. we have reports that mo
or medicare or medicaid and addressing it goes pack to the obama campaign of 2007 and 2008 when he said it would take presidential leadership to deal with entitlement reform and it is clear without the chief executive taking the lead they will not be the ones not in the white house to be proposing the entitlement reforms and across the board republicans are angry and democrats are disappointed. paul ryan, the house budget chairman got together with the ranking senate republican on the budget committee, the two of them trashed this outright saying the president if their words "hunted." >> the president wants us to win the future. but this budget abdicates the future. it spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much. it says that the president does not have the will or the ability to do what we need to do with the money that we have. >> senate majority leader on the senate floor and republicans have argued that the president said he was going to be much more fiscally prudent and hasn't delivered on it and democrats absent in front of the cameras today much lots of written statemen
of that coming just ahead. i have an urgent in from associated press. this is intelligence warned obama of egypt's stability at end of 2010, warning him of the instability at the end of 2010 and did not for see "triggering mechanism." trigger mechanism being tunisia, but the triggering mechanism was someone in the arab world looking at a neighbor and realizing, wow; there a chance we don't have to take this? could we get control of our lives, too, like the people in too any i can't? maybe. and they tried it and it was peaceful and it worked and things were changed. until the government came in and beat them. took the cameras away so we could not see that. so we will wonder what happens next. with us is the wall street journal reporter who is live from the scene of some of the protesters, the wall street journal also owned by the parent company of this network, margaret, what can you tell us about changes today? >>reporter: well the situation on the ground has turned very much anti-american and very antiforeign. what we are seeing here this morning and throughout the day in cairo has been part of
at 3:00 in new york, president obama meeting with top g.o.p. leaders at white house today. the president is following up on a promise to improve relations with the republicans after the elections. he and the vice president are having lunch with house speaker boehner, and the majority leader and majority whip. it is the first such meetings since republicans assumed control of the house of representatives. this as the two sides struggle to work out several key trade agreements meant to help american businesses and create more jobs. and live from the white house, mike, what are they saying about what went down an the lunch on? >>reporter: robert gibbs said it was not a negotiating session, there is a long discussion ahead, and obviously ahead of the budget release next monday there is a lot to be fighting over in terms of spending priorities but here is what gibb was willing to say. >> they agreed on cutting spending and reducing our deficit; that we should have a broad discussion about it with the american people the size and scope of the problem we face. and giving our fisc
it happened and the fallout. and in box three, the new strategy to kill president obama's health care law has tempers theiring on capitol -- g on capitol hill. but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york, the new development in wisconsin over the budget bill called anti-union. the state police are officially now involved. 14 democratic state senators are hiding out in another state to prevent a vote. and one lawmaker says they will not return unless and until the governor agrees to talk. thousands demonstrated demonstn over a bill that strips union workers of their barring aing rights and calls for them to continue more to the pension and health benefits. today the governor dispatched the state police to find the senate minority leader and the police cannot arrest the lawmakers but the governor says the message is clear. >> i face the fact there are thousands of union protests here and i point out for those from wisconsin there is a lot others coming from washington, dc but for those from wisconsin they have ever try right to hear their voices heard but the millions who pay taxes here and pay m
: it was interesting, shep, the french president sarkozy said flatly today, mr. qaddafi must go and the obama administration is not quick to use those exact words but jake carney came close when he was briefing reporters moments ago saying that qaddafi has lost the legitimacy of his people, and the confidence of his people, and he said the status quo is neither "tenable or acceptable," and it is worth pointing out that carney used qaddafi's name in yesterday's white house briefing, as well, but for now the obama administration is content to pursue sanctions, a weapons embargo and asset freezes for key libyans. never, before, carney claims, has the u.s. done so much, so quickly. let's listen. >> consistent with the president's tasking to the government to prepare options to hold the libyan government accountable for violations of human rights we decided to move forward with unilateral sanctions. we are in the process of finalizing this. coordinated sanctions with our european allies, and multilateral efforts to hold the libyan government accountable to the united nations. >>reporter: president
pawlenty, and both potential challengers to president obama in 2012 in a facebook posting sarah palin said now is the time to speak out for the long suffering libyan people, and from the conservative heritage foundation he says that time might have been before the crisis, now he makes clear that the primary concern should be getting americans to safety. qaddafi is such a erratic leader who supported terrorism in the past so there is a danger that he could take american hostages. or americans could suddenly start disappearing and he could have control of them without publicly claiming he has them. >> sarah palin called for a no-fly zone to keep him from beaumonting his own people and the u.s. officials are considering it. >>shepard: thank you from the white house. the crisis in labia pushing the coast -- in libya pushing the cost of oil to a two-year high topping $100 a barrel the first time since 2008 and crude jumpe from $100 at the end of january to $112. this is deceiving. and libya is a major oil exporter and the unrest is forcing companies to pull workers and halt productions. more on
in september. that was after they said they wanted him out and now president obama carefully reacting to the news saying the u.s. is following the development closely. we are witnessing history unfold. the moment of transformation that is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. they have turned out in extraordinary numbers representing all ages and all walks of life but it's rounding people who have been at the forefront. a new generation. your generation. who want their voices to be heard. so, going forward, we want those young people and we want all egyptians to know, america will continue to do everything that we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. now as we watch what is taking place we are reminded that we live in an interconnected world. what happens across the globe has an impact on each and everyone of us. >>shepard: the world is clearly watching to see what will happen next. watching and listening. >>shepard: a lot of things are unclear. what is clear is the people in cairo, in tahrir square, are of the belief that
statements favoring him. >>guest: it can't help. and an important thing is for president obama, secretary of state clinton, merkel and everyone talking on the other side. we are talking about a man who has murdered many americans, something that is important to make sure his regime is gone. >>shepard: there were assertions by some in the opinion world that the president of the united states had not come out using qaddafi's name in forceful terms because of crazy mixed up weird conspiracy thing. the truth was, as we were reporting here, president was waiting for the americans to get out so qadaffi could not do an iranian revolution style hostage taking matter and the united states has been very specific. he must go. and merkel came along, who is left? what more is there to say, really? >>guest: there probably is little left to say and now it is a question of backing up our words and that will be a no-fly zone, humanitarian aid for those controlled, those people in the areas controlled by the rebels, and other things we can do. >>shepard: let's see what will happen, the new white house pres
. "freedom is a blessing that deserves fighting." >> get in the game from president obama today urging business leaders to start investing in our economy. the president is speaking at the u.s. chamber of commerce, the biggest business lobbying group and one of the administration's fiercest critics. >> investments will pay off when the economy rebounds and as you hire, you know that more americans working will mean more sales for your companies. it will mean more demand for your products. and services. and it will mean higher profits for your companies. we can create a new circle. >>shepard: the president is seeking a fresh start after butting heads with that lobbying group over the health care overhaul. >> i strolled over from across the street and, look, maybe if we brought over a fruitcake when i first moved in we would have gotten off to a better start. >> he said despite the disagreements government and the private sector can and must work together. and now live from the white house this afternoon. what more did the president say to reap out to the business community? >>reporter: t
that president obama should follow president reagan's lead and launch airstrikes against qadhafi and his henchman pause of the violence and causes for president obama to say something publicly about the violence in libya but one says wards from the president or anybody else will not step bullets. and our resident comic says of qadhafi, he is one palm tree short of an oasis. >>shepard: live from the newsroom, jonathan. spend time at a ski resort? someone on the market is trying to show you up. we will tell you what landed a 78-year-old man in trouble with the cops. nf]fídn/xçyyxñÑw8woÑÑó - because it's completely invisible. - because it's designed to help me hear better. male announcer: introducing amp, a new kind of hearing aid, so tiny, it's invisible. female announcer: amp is comfortable to wear and easily removable. amp, the hearing aid for people who aren't ready for a hearing aid. male announcer: call: to find an amp hearing professional near you. only $1,500 a pair. >>shepard: and before we wrap it up in stub a retired doctor in the state of only will not face criminal charges
. for the image applications near their lowest level in 15 years. there is word from the obama administration today that it's now trying to reach a settlement with banks to help people struggling to pay their mortgages. nearly one in four mortgage holders owes more than his or her home is worth. under this plan, banks would setsd aside roughly $20 billion to modify those mortgages and reduce the loan principles. there is more to this than that. let's get jerry gerri willis' to cents. already some rumblings about this thing. the banksters got us into this problem but the people have some responsibility here too. >> there are enough people to blame to go on all day. here is the program what the banks would do is write down some of that debt you have on your mortgage. forgive debt so that you can make your mortgage payment. the problem with this idea it doesn't often work. we have tried a lot of different programs. they have mostly been unsuccessful here. >> the banks would have to bare the cost of the write downs come off the balance sheets. they are not too thrilled about it. these are early d
. >>reporter: so what are the challenges for the obama administration? that would be to support democracy and say it will not tolerate radicalization. >>shepard: john, thank you from london. and jonathan hunt is chatting away about this story at click "on the hunt," and there you have it, jonathan hunt, it will be the highlight of your day, john hunt and you, chatting , at we have heard the accusations of the egyptian president and supporters are encouraging the violence in egypt at the least. next, a close look at what is really going on in the streets and who is behind the attacks. of all the places you look when you need new ideas for dinner, it's time to discover the best place of all. go to where you'll find hundreds of fresh recipe ideas, made with the brands you love. make campbell's kitchen part of your kitchen. h >>shepard: and continuing coverage in egypt, with thousands of supporters of mubarak clashing with the protesters. you can see the picture of the crowd in the square. what is the latest? >> well, the clash is betw
attorney general to president obama's open senate seat. rahm emanuel has not been accused of any wrongdoing and is running for mayor in chicago. the retrail is set for april and now the evidence is missing. >> six of the eight former and current city foyers who allegedly sold millions -- stole millions from taxpayers rejected a plea deal of prison for each. the case in bell, california, is corruption on steroids. they presided over fake commissions that rarely met and stealing $5.5 million from taxpayers in a city where one in six persons lives below the poverty line. a lawyer says that the people were unhappy that the remedy was to vote them out of office. joining us is former prosecutor arthur aidala, and, bell, california, did they do anything illegal? tom, anything illegal or did they just work it? >>guest: they did what politicians do. which is, self dealing, bottom feeding pocket lining. >> whoa! >>shepard: said the aspiring politician over here. say it again. >> what many politicians do, which is they better themselves at the expense of the public, at the expense of the public, they
from the white house publicly, president obama has not said anything and carney called the violence appalling but they have let senator kerry go out there and he suggested sanctions and said in a statement the use of deadly force again its own people should mean the end of the regime itself and it is beyond despicable and i hope we witness its last hours in hour. the commanders need to know their acquiescence could open them to future international war crimes charges. so that is the strongest statement we have heard from any u.s. officials here in washington, dc. >>shepard: we are getting there word, qadhafi's son is to hold a press conference in the capital, and that, i believe, i believe that's the same son who promised rivers of blood in the streets if the protests continue. >>reporter: the same son would said that yesterday, it is clear, whether father or son, they are two people who will hang on to the bit are end but the question is, how many city dozen they control right now? we hear from the eastern border with egypt, they do not control those cities, and the only reason the
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